Elite Animal Control LLC is a humane and professional locally owned nuisance wildlife control company,and is the best solution for eliminating your home or business of nuisance animal problems. No job is too big or small for us. We have been controlling nuisance wildlife in the Aurora,Denver metro area successfully for many years and can solve many animal problems that occur in our geographical region, like Squirrels and Raccoons in attics to Skunks and Rabbits under homes or decks,mice around the home to pigeons roosting on rooftops.We have the knowledge and experience to effectively find damage done by these nuisance animals and humanly remove them.

Our job at Elite Animal Control LLC is to humanely and safely remove these unwanted animal guests. We use humane live traps to capture animals or one-way doors to insure the problem animals do not regain access to your property with exclusion methods such as animal entrance and exit holes repaired,installing chimney caps,fixing of any structural damage. We warranty all repairs for 10 years. See our guarantee.

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Scratching Noises in your attic?

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