We specialize in the removal of squirrels from your home or business in the Aurora, Denver metro area. Squirrels are a diurnal animal,meaning they come out during the day and sleep at night unlike raccoons that are nocturnal and come out at night,you may hear scratching noises in your ceiling or behind walls of your home or business,usually early morning or at dusk when they are most active from either returning or leaving. You may also have seen them running loose around your home and yard climbing fences and in trees.

Squirrels mate in late winter and give birth in early spring, female squirrels can have up to 8  babies but 4 to 6 is normal litter size and can be a challenge to get out of structures after having a litter,we don’t want to trap a mother squirrel who is nursing before the babies are weaned,if she is taken out than all her babies will certainly die in the attic and cause a health hazard and a rotting smell,if we can locate the nest we can remove babies,but usually she finds an inaccessible spot so we wait till the young are fully mobile and live trap or use one-way doors to get them all out safely unharmed.

Elite Animal Control technicians are able to address problems when we arrive on site,we completely inspect the structure,typically squirrels will chew holes in upper areas of the home around eaves,soffits ,areas where roof flashing is missing, roof vents, once holes are discovered we set up humane live traps in some cases one-way doors can be used when dealing with smaller numbers of squirrels but trapping and relocation is preferred method with excessive numbers over 15 squirrels in an attic, offending squirrels can sometimes chew back in  the structure and often do just that.

 Once it’s determined the squirrels are present we completely remove them from the building and seal up all entry  points and recommend cleanup,disinfecting,deodorizing all affected areas . We provide a full 10 year warranty on all our repair and exclusion work.