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Humane Bat Removal

We specialize in the removal of bats from your home and attic space in the Denver area, We have several types of Bats in Colorado, the species that causes the most problems in homes and businesses in our state typically are small Brown Bats and large Brown Bats, they are a nocturnal animal that you may hear in your ceiling or behind the walls of your home. You may also have seen one loose in your home, flying in a circular pattern or sleeping on a wall.Bats also are very vocal hissing vibrating type audible high pitch sound, very distinct when listening to them.

We are able to address both problems when we arrive, the bat in your house and the bats that are sure to be living in your attic. We are able to dispatch an emergency night technician that will search for and remove the bat that has entered your home. He is available and at your service. Try to isolate the bat so the technician has a better chance of finding it,don’t ever try to grab or touch the bat. After he removes the bat you should expect a phone call from our office the next day to set up an inspection of the house.

During our bat inspection we will identify the entry points the bat have found into your home. We will present you with a proposal to both seal and exclude all re-entry points to prevent the bats from returning and install the one-way doors necessary to allow the bats to exit your home.

Elite Animal Control LLC is Denver areas Bat Control Experts. We can safely and humanely remove Bats from your home or business.

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Bat Guano in attic space

Bat Exclusion and one-way doors

Bat breeding season is from may 1st to august 15th breeding colonies cannot be removed during this timeframe. However exclusion work  can be started at this time to ensure a successful removal before May 1st or late august into September.