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Elite Animal Control Specializes in skunk control and removal from homes and businesses in the Denver Metro Area, Colorado is home to the striped skunk and spotted skunk and western hognose skunk, our skunks in city areas are striped skunk variety ,most often identified by a pronounced white stripe in a V- pattern of white fur along it’s back and solid black fur on the rest of it’s body,this is the most common variety of skunk in the city and urban areas along the front range.

The Spotted Skunk is rare along the front range and mainly occurs on the far eastern plains into Nebraska and Kansas.Western hognose Skunks range in southern to southwestern Colorado.

Skunks can be a problem when they make their homes under homes and porches, sheds in the city residential areas. Skunks are nocturnal and only come out at night,if seen in the day could be a sign of rabies. Most times when a skunk is first noticed, is the smell, often times skunks will encounter other animals such as house pets, dogs,cats and other furry wild critters running about at night, skunks have a remarkable defense against predators and can spray essence up to 15 feet with accuracy. The smell is extremely strong and can carry for miles. Often the major complaint from people is the odor,a skunk will still smell even when dead, and the gland which creates the foul odor can release if the body is moved postmortem. Skunk essence can ruin objects it comes in contact with. Porous items, like cloth, will need to be thrown away. The vapors from skunk spray can create a burning sensation in the eyes and sometimes can cause nausea and vomiting. If a skunk dies under a shed,building or within a foundation, the smell will persist for months if not years. If you call Elite Animal Control out at first notice of the smell instead of waiting till smell envelopes the home, gives us a better chance of eliminating the odor problem.   

When we get called out for a skunk problem, we locate den site and set a safe enclosed trap to prevent spraying and usually catch the offending animal the next day but can take longer depending on weather conditions, skunks often hole up for many days during cold weather spells. Skunks are social animals and love company of other skunks often seen in pairs or groups when roaming around at night looking for trash and food left out,and will take advantage of cat and dog food in backyards too. Once it’s determined skunks are all out of the dwelling,we effectively deodorize area, then seal entrance with our tested and proven method of exclusion to ensure they cannot re-enter and provide a 10 year warranty on repair and exclusion work.



Elite Animal Control LLC is Denver areas Skunk Control Experts. We can safely and humanely remove Skunks from your home or business. We provide odor control and exclusion with all removal jobs.

 Common Striped Skunk

Rare Spotted Skunk

Elite Animal Control uses Citrus Neutrox Odor Counteractant Concentrate it is a water-soluble concentrated deodorant. Not a masking agent, this product is designed to destroy malodors produced by organic sources,Skunk Essence ,Urine,Feces and many other types of odor causing deposits. Will not harm surfaces that have resistance to water.

Skunk essence  can be counteracted with the proper equipment and deodorizer solution.

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Baby Hognose Skunk